Eno Williams – True God (Prod. Dibble Dee)


First of all it is God that gives inspiration.

Also, during the lockdown, there was this viral video that shows how a man went to consult the goddest by the river bank and the goddest told him that there is only One True God.

His name is the Almighty God, the one the rules over the affairs of men, the earth, heavens and even the goddest.

The goddest added, don’t waste my time young man, I want to go meet the Almighty God myself because the goddest also need help in this time of the pandemic.

It was hilarious but this was an inspiration to me and as talented singer, I was excited to see the River goddest acknowledging the ONLY True God above all other small gods.

The song is about the only TRUE GOD who is the most high God and Every other gods, sickness, troubles are under his control.

This song will sure bless you.

Listen and Download “True God” by “Eno Williams”.


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