Silent – One Life + Video

Silent won reputation across Nigeria and Ghana via his generous launch of ” Rugged; ” Sound; on-line for all musical artists for the beyond years. The 20 12 months antique manufacturer who is acclaimed to be one of the “Next Big Sound’s Men” unsigned artist and has presently work with a alot of pinnacle artwork in Nigeria. (I BAD DIE”) is here to drop song title ‘One” Life “. Lyrics: (Vers 1) Na one life I get make I live am I don try Many many things no be shuubeh “mama fly And if you talk them go say you don high People wey we love their feeling quick dey die (Backup) diee die die U don dey vex now Because of say I dey talk your mind now Na womanizer come dey advice smoker For the country na bad thing dey bring attention Many people work some received fake alert Make I sofree”talk befor I received slap Many many things say me I know lie Na dog wey dey laugh na him dey open mouth Anything I tell you Make you no forget Na who dey alive Nah Dey buy person beer No go try yourself oh Agberu dey quick vex Na when Ashawo die “pu’nani go fit rest o (Chorus) Make we live alive Na one chance make we live am right Cause this time me I don try I don do many things i swear me I don try X2″ Vers ll Na small talk dey put fire for house Werey break Ashawo heart Na condition make policy take bribe Use the money drink kparaga Do good live bad Say no pain No cry Chop life No fight Say no lieeee( Silent killer on the beat) ( Repeat ) Na one life I get Make I live am I don try Many many things know be shuubeh mama fly And if you talk them go say u don high People wey we love Their feeling quick dey diee”’ die die die Listen and Download “One Life” by “Silent”. Audio Player 00:00 00:00 DOWNLOAD MP3
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