Day 52: Three problem solvers

 Problems can bring out the best and worst in people. The ladies of Big Brother Naija have shown that when problems pop up, they have their unique ways of putting them back down.

A tea bag is put into boiling water to get out the flavour, and the ladies of the Big Brother House are the same as problems bring out their best character traits. Here is a quick look at the mannerisms that influence all of their problem-solving methods.

Funny and forward
When problems arise the average person would shed a few tears and run away in fear but that is never the case for Dorathy. She has shown repeatedly that her preferred conflict resolution method is direct and humorous. Dorathy never shies away from any issue and always finds a way to inject some funny, no matter how dark the problem may be. 

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Head on and no holds barred 
Few of the other Housemates can claim to be as direct or as hands-on as Vee. Whether she is sorting out an issue with another Housemate, or with her on again off again partner Neo, Vee always gets to the point and doesn’t hold back on hammering it in. 

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Slow and steady
The sea could learn a thing or two about wearing out a stone from Nengi as her slow and deliberate nature whittles down issues perfectly. Her ability to stay focused on her objective without giving in to anger and frustration is nothing short of amazing.

1599669739 34 screenshot 2020 09 07 at 21.16.55

The Big Brother ladies have gotten this far because of their problem-solving abilities, and only time will tell if they will stay true to character when the biggest problem arises...What to do with their 85 million Naira worth of winnings. Stay tuned to Big Brother Naija to find out.

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