Day 52: Patricia is back

After an interesting visit earlier in the Season, Patricia Switch dropped by the House with another Task for the Housemates. The Tasks consisted of two activities which the House had to divide themselves into three teams for through a lucky dip game.

The Teams

After picking from the black box, each Housemate fell into three respective groups aptly named: Team Doing The Most, Team Here For You and Team Bitcoin Made Easy.

Team Doing the Most

Team Here for You

Team Bitcoin Made Easy










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The first Task

After watching a video clip containing information about the different products of the Patricia brand, the Housemates were told they will be taking turns in manning the Patricia Experience Centre set up in the arena and act as customer service agents or marketers of the Patricia product they represent. The opposing team members were to ask the presenting team questions about the products they are representing.

Judging the teams

The Housemates were to be judged by their responses to each question given by the presenting team. The focus will be on product knowledge, presentation, charisma, creativity, the appearance of the customer care agent and articulate answers to the questions. Based on these criteria, points were to be collated and the team with the most impressive customer care delivery announced the winner.

The last visit Patricia paid to the House saw all the Housemates winning an amazing prize from Patricia for their impressive presentations. We wonder if they will be able to wow Patricia again.

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