DAY 52: A man for all occasions

In the Big Brother Naija House here are some of the instances that our male Housemates would be best at solving if they got caught up in them

Sometimes you need the perfect man for a certain situation. Here are a few of the specific moments that having one of our Big Brother Season 5 Housemates next to you would be best.

Running down the clock

If you ever needed a person to help you pass time and not feel it, the go-to choice would have to be Neo. His ability to make the moments fly by with endless banter is the reason his Diary Room session often lasts longer than all the other Housemates combined.

Limitless fun

Sometimes you need someone to make you laugh often and loudly, and the man who can make this happen has to be Trikytee. His ability to turn normal moments into hilarious ones is one of the reasons his Head of House reign with Laycon has been the most entertaining to date. 

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Peacekeeping mission

If you ever needed someone to help bring peace to a chaotic situation, then your best bet would have to be Ozo. His levelheaded nature is perfectly suited for making wahala disappear faster than Eric chops Indomie.

Trusted advisor

Since the first week in Biggie’s House people have been seeking the sage advice of Laycon whenever they are stuck. His broad outlook and honest advice are just what the doctor ordered when you need to turn a problem into a solution. 

The perfect hubby

When looking for someone to settle down with, what could be better than finding someone who cooks, cleans, and can even put in a weave for you? Over the last few weeks, Prince has raised the bar so high in Biggie’s House that nobody else might ever be able to reach it.

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The party pal

Saturday Night Parties have shown us that when it comes time to sip, shake, and have a good time, the perfect person to have by your side is Kiddwaya. His good vibe is infectious and on a night of painting the town red, he would be a marvellous match to anyone looking to party like it was their last one.

If only there was a way to wrap them all up into one perfect package and enjoy all of their redeeming qualities. Sadly, there isn’t, and the only way to enjoy all their benefits at once is to stay tuned to Big Brother Naija Season 5.

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