Day 52: All in the pulse

 You know how doctors feel your pulse in order to check your heart's rate, rhythm and regularity? Yup! It is almost the same way you can tell how a member of the BB Naija Lockdown Geng is doing just by checking their pulse on social media platforms. Where do you check for a pulse? It's pretty simple; just check the trends list. The higher they rise on the trends list, the faster the pulse. In most cases, the actions of the Housemates in the House determine their pulse on the trend list. You don’t even have to turn on the TV to know something is up. The moment you refresh your timeline and you notice a certain Housemate slowly climbing up on the trends list, you should already know it's going down.

The soul behind the pulse

What is the pulse of BB Naija and what makes it beat steadily non stop.

For every pulse, there's a fan or an observer giving it the boost it needs. Sure, the Housemates spark the pulse, but the fans are the ones who give it life. They are the ones that make sure it beats to the rhythm. The fans are the ones drumming up support for them online by tenaciously sharing content about their faves. From a mere mention, tweet or retweet showing support for their favourite Housemate to going nuclear with other fan base or any perceived 'hater' who dares come for their fave, the fans are constantly making sure the pulse beats steady. Sometimes, it could be a battle of pulses as each fan base constantly strives to outrank the next fan base on the trends list. It’s almost as if the success of their Housemates lies solely on how well they do on the trends map.

Pulse on steroids

As with all pulses, some can be really high, and we have had days when the pulse beats rapidly and goes off the charts. Days like Sunday when The Live Eviction Show takes place, Monday during Head of House games or Nominations, Thursday Wager Task, Friday Arena Games, and Saturday Night Parties. It almost feels like steroids got injected into the veins with almost every name, hashtag or phrase on the trends list focused solely on the Housemates and Big Brother Naija. Also, you should see feel the pulse whenever the Housemates have a Task. It’s almost like when fans of super eagles cheer in the stand, but this time, it’s on the timeline with each team’s supporters cheering on in anticipation of a major win. Then there are fights and altercations in the House. When it's popping off in the House, it’s also popping off on the trends list too.

A good pulse means all is well whenever the pulse of BB Naija beats steady, it is always a good sign. To the Housemates and the fans and the observers and the 'I hardly ever watch... and this is my first time watching' that keep our pulse beating, we couldn't have done this without you. Thank you.

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