BBNAIJA: Day 26: Mike Advises Frodd

Day 26: Mike Advises Frodd
In the garden, Mike advises Frodd about his lack of sensitivity in his relationship with the ladies.
26 July 2019

In the garden, the pepper Dem gang expressed their concern about the ‘ships’ in the House, especially the rivalry that exists between Frodd and Nelson. Some gave their advice out of genuine love, others saw it as a strategy.  

Mike’s Bluntness
In the garden, Frodd explained to Mike why he thought he misunderstood him. He said that despite being emotional he clearly knew what he was doing, but Mike didn’t understand him enough. It was easy for Mike to listen to him speak about himself this way, but he wouldn’t let him lie about how everybody perceives him in the House. Though Mike gave him rapt attention when he went about how he related with women, he told him that he was aggressive in his approach. When Frodd tried to cut him short, (because our man was hit with Mike’s bluntness), Mike felt he was right about his observation of him. “You should be more sensitive.” He told him. Though he appreciated him for his advice and promised to turn over a new leaf, he didn’t seem pleased with the frankness of it.     

Ike’s Double Face
What was Ike up to when he told Mike and Mercy that Frodd was playing his game the wrong way? He had earlier promised to help him plan an act of revenge on Esther. We wonder how he planned to do that without ending up ruining what’s left between the duo. With his double-faced act, how honest was his voluntary plan to help Frodd?
No ‘ship’ in Sight?
What do we call what’s going on between Esther and Nelson? Our guy wanted to know his place in her heart, so he said that the earlier they define their ‘ship’ the better. He said that it would be better if he quit on time before his feelings became too deep. Esther responded that he was restricting himself, that she wasn’t sure if there was going to be anything serious between them.  

With the love triangle literally on the lips of almost everybody in the House, Frodd might have to contend with more people than he imagined.

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