Hmmm I hail from a country that accords little or no respect to its youths, a country where our educational system is nothing to write home about.

 On a daily basis there is drastic reduction in the standard of our educational system, hence, the need to look into this topic.

 What am I talking about? The way students learn in Nigeria from my own point of are made to nothing……..

 You might wonder whyI made such conclusion, lets see this.

You attend  an institution where the lecturers prescribe books of their own for the purpose of learning, whereas some other students believes in checking other varieties in the name of having a broader knowledge.It will surprise you to know that the latter either fail or pass with very low marks (let my people go). In essence, you are indirectly mandated to read from the tutors books as test questions are expected to be answered word for word as in their books. Therefore, it is no longer a game of how much you know about the subject but how well you memorized the tutors materials.

From the way I see this I call this selfishness and wickedness. Isnt thisnothing as stated above?

We seek the help of the law makers to understand our plight and listen to our cries. We hate to be rude and found wanting. Help these leaders of tomorrow and great individuals of today. Help this country recover from disarray before it becomes a total disaster.

My esteemed youths (students), what I am saying in essence is that you finish a Seven year course from a notable institution and go for a Job Interview only to realize your major (areas where you specialized in school) becomes strange in the economic system of ours. You therefore, become handicapped to yourselves, family and the Society at large; all the investments, efforts and time become total waste.  You begin to wonder the future of our generations who would still believe they are the leaders of tomorrow.

AIJEHI, Martin Osagie.

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