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Hi Dad! Words are not just enough to describe you sir. You are the best any child could ever pray to have as a father. You and Mum brought us up in the way of Lord,and that's what we live by till date. Your heart of love is amazingly amazing. You want to see us eat before you eat, wear clothes before you wear, ride on good cars and live in good houses. 

Dad, I remember when we didn't have even a common TV set at home, but you insisted that you and mum's earnings (as full time Pastors) should go into our education. Dad, you also taught us never to lobby for anything in life, that waiting doesn't mean wasting. 

Dad, I can say you owe no man a " thank you" for everything God has given to you. Hmmmm! What a father who made sure we are what we are today, with the help of that his sweetheart Rebecca "My Precious Mum". Dad, you are 60 today, but looking 40, just because your heart is plain to all.

 GrandPa, My wife and I, Kenny, Joshua, Yinka and your Grandchildren to come celebrates you.

You will never know a better yesterday sir. Dad, let the enemy hear this, that you have children who can stand against them at the Gates. Mum, thank you for staying by him all these years (30 years plus and still counting). Love you dad, our coach, advisor, spiritual father, and mentor. Aremu Adebayo, Emmanuel Ibidapo,

Happy Birthday Daddy! It's a joyful thing to have abilities, characters,sense of reasoning and so many things you imbibed in me as your child. I am extremely grateful to God for having a Father and a Father indeed. A father who is after your progress,success, eminency & happiness, he pleases his children through his humility.

A very funny man.. oops! When I am about to eat some food and it is dished like a mountain, my dad will come around and whine you untop..He will say I know it's foundation you are eating...The real one is coming abi. Thank you for marrying MUM.My special woman. I laugh so well just like my Mum. 

My father never brags. He advises like he is your guy. He is an enormous giver. He gives with joy to his wife and children. I love you Daddy! from my heart. It will take another 30years to write about you while 60.

 Keep going higher in Jesus Name

 Hurray @60!

The whole Tunesoven Team wishes you more years


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