Yomi Fashlanso
Yomi‘s dad is the real savage! Have you ever heard this joke somewhere or does it ring a bell. It sounds too good, Just read his caption from Instagram.
When I was a kid, my dad bought a new car and drove us to church one Sunday. It was a prophetic service and our pastor was being used by God that day to deliver people from poverty.
Suddenly, our pastor looked at my dad and said, “Mr. Alamu, God is set to bless you” my mum jumped up and shouted excitedly, “Amen!!!” My dad was excited too.
The pastor then came closer, placed his hand on my dad’s head and prayed for him. As our pastor turned to climb the altar, the spirit of God told him something.
He stopped, looked at my dad and said, “Mr. Alamu did you buy a new car last week?” “Yes sir” my dad responded with much surprise on his face.
Then our pastor said; God said I should tell you to sow your CAR KEY into my life”
I was shocked that my dad did not argue with the pastor, he just put his hand in his pocket, brought out the car key and gave it to our pastor.
Chai… Aiyeeee ooooo…Mogbe
After about 5 minutes, my dad stood up, went outside the church, he didn’t even wait till the end of the service. I could see him entering Okada going home. “He must be very worried” I reasoned in utter fear and confusion.
After a while he returned to church with the SPARE KEY of his car and drove the car back to the house.
I was so stunned at what I was seeing.
So when I asked him why he acted that way he said: “Oluwayomi” always use your brain, the pastor asked for the KEY and NOT the CAR”! Thanking you so much my BABA for impacting knowledge.
So what can you say your own BABA TAUGHT YOU???

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