[MUST READ]:My Piece - By Adelakan Adeyinka

📝My Piece

A pastor was alleged to have commit adultery with series of ladies against their wish and was seen as one of the pastors polluting the pulpit. Some people were alleged of stealing money from the coffers of government and immediately labelled corrupt. A married man was seen on the social media holding hands with a strange lady and was tagged infidel straight away without giving a fair hearing.

Many incidents are popping up daily without giving consideration to hearing the so called culprits. Some police officers would go for a raid at a location with the intention of  arresting suspected criminals but due to their not been able to do their due diligence innocent ones pay heavily for it. This is exactly the state of mind of many online rumour mongers who are quick to spread rumours without gathering facts from a reliable source.

One thing can be said to be responsible for this and that is Prejudice. Prejudging people's lifestyle and culture can be very harsh, wicked, heartless, and sinful. To be sincere with the populace many of us are culprit of this act. We are quick to conclude on any story that the media shoot at us. We are even willing to help spread the rumours thereby turning our own social media accounts into a gossip media.

What baffles me the most is the fact that such stories are the most trendiest online and could attract traffic thereby leading to brands ready to invest heavily to promote their image. As an entrepreneur, I won't blame companies that see this as a platform to push their brands because money has to be made for ministries to press on.

The question to be asked is that what happen to us after we have succeeded in denting the image of an innocent person caught by an unknown watcher who already put the unsuspected so called culprit on a watch list. Some people are just wolves in sheep coat seeking for whom to pull down for town criers online to help them publicise a story not checked but posted anyway.

I love reading stories that are entertaining and filled with hilarious information but it has to be true and judgement free because God has only empowered the court of law to pass judgement after giving fair hearing to both parties and then considering the laws of the land before giving their final verdict.

Never judge a book by the cover only rather give the benefit of doubt by opening the book, see the content and then read with empathy to ensure  you are not calling a sheep goat or dog.

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