TO INTERVIEW: Interview with Dip Wise (Nigerian Rap Artist)


Interview held at Klassic Tunez Studios at 1:00pm.

  • INTERVIEWER: What is your full name?

          DIP WISE: Adewale Adebisi

  • INTERVIEWER:  What makes you have passion for music?
          DIP WISE: I realize its my talent and also i feel free anytime i sing.

  • INTERVIEWER: Who  are your mentol?
          DIP WISE: CDQ, Reminisce (Alaga Ibile), Olamide (Baddo).

  • INTERVIEWER: Why are you more into music?
          DIP WISE: Its makes me always feel happy.

  • INTERVIEWER: What are your parents reaction base on your music career?
          DIP WISE: They are actually happy with it.

  • INTERVIEWER: How many tracks do you have now?
         DIP WISE: I have TWO tracks now.

  • INTERVIEWER: How many videos?
          DIP WISE: No videos yet.

  • INTERVIEWER: What are your advise to your fellow artist?
          DIP WISE: Keep on doing good....that's it.

Its been a time time with DIP WISE a.k.a Ghost Rapper.

Join him on social media via:
  • INSTAGRAM: Dipwiseofficial
  • FACEBOOK: Dip Wise
Phone Number: 09079076668

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