NIG Singer F Race Narrate How He Was Stab By Street Fans After A Collaboration With 2tboys

On Monday I was in the house,Because I on my Generator.. and I slept off..
In some hours I wake Up,i shut my laptop and I off my Generator…
I feel like going to the other side of my area to See some of my Friends… then nobody around,later I saw one of them the I carry a bench to sit down
In 10min does guyz came around because they are living around there and me and my friend just gusting together
One Small Boy in that area.. They call him Sodiq (Omo baba Ijebu) saw me in far distance and he was going to somewhere before,but because he saw me,he turn back and talk to there member…
They first sent the owner of the fight to me wish is (ROTIMI)
He told me to Stand Up from where I sat down… But I refused and told my friend to do so Because my friend is a Girl and She refused also
He Push the bench and I fell down and I stand and blow his mouth in 5times and All his Guyz like 5 to 6 start to shell me Block and many things and ran back to my area and team back with bottle
And many people Beg me that I should drop the bottle and settle the matter…. I did so, when we get there I told the Rotimi that I feel like Slapping you like mad,and he stand with me with immediately effect I blow Him like Die….And they hold me and ask what happen
When I was trying to do so…. One of them Sodiq(Omo baba Ijebu) just broke a bottle and Stab my Hand, what I see in just 5sec my hand Got bleed and blood all my body
I ran back to where I drop my Bottle,i pick it up and broke it Fast fast but they don’t allow me to do my own back
Now all the landlord are begging now and Nurse have sow my hand and am the one drop the money also…… But the Noise is still on sha

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