The present situation of the country has called for a serious attention. The present 'Niger area is characterised with:
1.  High incidence of the mismanagement of public funds by political leaders.
2. High cost of living.
3.Low standard of living
4.Incomplete projects
5. Poor graduates and rich criminals
6. Innocuous-looking,deadly statesmen.
7. High cost of education.

High cost of living and incomplete projects in the country

  It is aberrant when we spend above our actual financial capacity. Let us look at a state where we have 100 inhabitants: 30 percent of the population are the elite, and the remaining 20 percent are on the average category: the rest of the population are the low income earners and the masses. In the course of implementing laws and statutes, the law makers being the members of the elite do not usually consider the masses. Look at the new law in Lagos state, that traders should not hawk on the highway. It would be reasonable and fair if the government of Lagos state stated that citizens below the age of 20 should not hawk on the highway because of the dangers attached to it like kidnapping, road accident, moral decadence, rape"etc. These are intelligible reasons for prohibiting hawking.

Citizens above the age of 20 are mature enough to struggle for survival  Oh! The adult hawkers could be armed-robbers that's a good reason  but why do we have the RRS police? Oh! The incidence of road accident could be high but why do we have the FRSC? If these institution and organisation are not functional why were they established in the first place?

Our leaders need to start considering the reasonable and intelligible opinions of the masses before they make laws.

Newly elected governors in Nigeria are fond of starting what they cannot finish. In ogun state for example, many projects have been abandoned. In areas like akute and alagbole, the situation of the roads is nothing to write home about most especially in the rainy season.  Lives of students and pupils coming back from their various schools are endangered, old men and women whose legs are faithful means of transportation are also endangered. Why are our leaders so cruel and inhumane? Why do they have a desert-like mental sphere?
 We need the government of ogun state to take serious steps. Lives and properties which people struggled to acquire should not be eroded by flooding which the government orchestrated.

Article by: Daramola Samson Ayomide

The people of ogun state are now used to the havoc orchestrated by the government


  1. Our elected leaders in Nigeria should work on the masses opinion