Nigeria’s rap kings are uniting again for another scary industry shutdown this Christmas

Phyno and Olamide are planning to shut down the end of the year with their solo studio albums.
The duo who first struck gold working together on ‘Ghost mode’ in 2012, have grown considerably to the top of the Nigeria’s Hip-hop food chain, and they are planning to continue to work together to maintain that.
From myriad collaborations which have always succeeded in becoming hits, to a joint album in 2015, the duo are working hard to maintain the fanbase, level of influence on the game, and up their financial earnings.

This year alone, ‘Fada Fada’ is still rated as the only true Nigerian hit song of 2016, and it is still in wide rotation, earning plays and praises, and raking in  huge figures in terms of digital sales.
Their collaboration, which has mostly been on joint singles and projects, has taken a new dimension, as they have begun to work on strategy together. Both Kings, from the East and West, have decided to plan their solo studio releases together, and strategically roll it out this year.
Phyno and Olamide have since the start of the year, teased new albums. But never have they admitted to a promotional strategy. Phyno is working overtime, as he plans to go one better than his 2014 debut album, “No Guts No Glory”. This new project is titled“Playmaker P”, and will contain a number of unreleased singles and bonus hit tracks which have kept him soaring.

Olamide on his part is a veteran in this business, with an album every year since 2011. This year will be his 6 solo time out. He is looking to bounce back from the lukewarm reception and critical bashing that “Eyan Mayweather” took. New songs are being recorded, a number of influences have been courted, internalized, and experimented for the project, and at the moment, everything seems ready.
But here’s where things get scary.
The duo are coming together for a promotional and release strategy. The end of 2016 has been marked by both stars as the era of shutdown. They plan on utilizing the last two months of the year to release these projects, and synergize on conquering the industry, and wrapping up what has been a difficult year for Nigerians on a high.

Phyno’s album drops in early November, and will be pushed all through the month, while Olamide will join the party in December, with an LP. The projects once again will mark time, and if everything goes right, will strangulate the industry with their sheer power of the music content, and the profound celebrity of the providers.
That’s what the rap kings have planned for their fans. Total domination at Christmas, and a high end to 2016.

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