Happy 35th Birthday, Beyoncé

Happy 35th Birthday, Beyoncé! Take a Look Back at Some of Queen B's Fiercest Pics

 It's B-Day.
Although it's not officially a national holiday (but it should be), let us all get together and celebrate this glorious day, otherwise known as Beyoncés birthday.
The superstar turns 35 years old today, making us all sit in amazement at how much time has passed since we were first graced by Bey's presence (almost 20 years ago for those of you who lost count).
The Lemonade singer has already proven that she has somehow managed to cheat her way out of aging, and every Bey appearance that we see only continues to prove that she's #flawless, so we can only imagine what her birthday fit is going to include—especially since this year includes a special theme.

All hail to the Queen! Beyonce is celebrating turning 35 on Sept. 4


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