Lil Kesh:Rapper cannot leave Olamide

Lil KeshRapper cannot leave Olamide, ever!

Truth is, in whatever form you look at it, in whatever way the story is being framed and sold, Lil Kesh and Olamide cannot leave each other.
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The reports are everywhere, Lil Kesh and Olamide have split ways after 2 years of growth, success and hits.

Lil Kesh was signed in April 2014 after his introduction by Viktohto the YBNL boss. He has since been on the rise, with successive hits gaining mass acceptance.  The rapper also released his debut album “Y.A.G.I”, earlier in 2016.
But new reports say Lil Kesh has split ways with YBNL Records, due to the expiration of his contract. According to sources who spoke to NET, Lil Kesh was signed on a two-year deal, with the intent of Olamide not to hold on to the artiste for long, but to groom him into becoming his own man. Tweets by Olamide in June 2015, corroborates this. See below.
Olamide's tweets about Lil Kesh and signed acts play
Olamide's tweets about grooming Lil Kesh and others
None of the affected individuals have come out with neither confirmation nor denial. But the truth is this.
Olamide and Lil Kesh will never split in the very sense of it. This isn’t just business, it’s family. Take a look at this: Olamide has funded all of Lil Kesh’s projects, grooming him in the process to be a man, stay independent and work hard for his time. That has paid off big time, and the gratitude has always flowed from Lil Kesh. Here was a man who had nothing to his name, who roamed the streets of Bariga with just a song in his heart, and hope in his eyes. Olamide snatched him up, made him his brother and today, he has everything working for him. That’s priceless. That’s the kind of story you watch on big screens with tears rolling off your soft cheeks and your heart feeling squishy with emotion and warmth. The story that your mother reminds you of everyday and say “My son, be like Olamide.”
That act right there, gives us hope for humanity. It’s a microcosm of all the good there is, in the world.
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YBNL rapper, Lil Kesh
About the case of Lil Kesh starting his personal record. The problem here does not lie in that. It’s just beats conventional reasoning that an artiste with such a very short period of success can set up his shop and fly solo. It beats that. Also does it not truly mean that both parties rejected a chance to renew the 2-year contract. If there’s some truth in that, Olamide has not only placed his faith and trust in Lil Kesh, he has demonstrated his ability to see beyond the ruination that materialism eventually brings, and elevated himself above that.
Lil Kesh is his younger brother, one whom he has seen blossom right in front of him. That is pure joy, the kind that nothing else can bring, (Except a million dollar alert). Whether Lil Kesh stays or departs is immaterial. Lil Kesh can set up his side project. In fact, it is folly for him not to set one up, as a personal side hustle to bring in extra dough, while planning for his future. Olamide’s mentorship and connection would also be of immense value to such a venture.
Truth is, in whatever form you look at it, in whatever way the story is being framed and sold, Lil Kesh and Olamide cannot leave each other.
They’re brothers for life.

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