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Arugba appears as Osun Osogbo Festival hots up

The moment that most indigenes of Osun and attendees of the annual Osun/Osogbo Festival cherish the most is when the Arugba (the woman who carries the calabash with the authority of the goddess) appears from seclusion. 

She is expected to be a virgin young girl who is pre-selected by the oracle to be the custodian of the enviable and exalted calabash, and her appearance is always seen as one of the highlights of the week-long festival.

The young girl was brought from an unknown seclusion within the palace of the Ataoja of Osogbo by some women who performed certain rites on the floor where she was to progress from. 

As she appeared, spotting a blue Aso Oke with a white clothing on her head, the young lady is being guided by women who know what to say and where she must not step her feet. 

Onlookers in return started praying for her, telling her that the carrying of the calabash would not result in a terrible omen for her as they also prayed that this year’s festival will breed new tidings for the entire capital and the state at large. 

As at the time of filing this report, the Arugba was being prepared to leave for the Grove where all the locals and travelers will also follow her to render series of prayer requests to the Yeye Osun (river goddess). 

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