7 Nigerian celebrities fashion fails

Whether it’s an award show or night out with fellow celebs, Nigerian celebs know just how to make bold fashion statements that are unforgettable. Here are seven celebs that tickled us with their fashion sense.

1. Tiwa Savage

Nice potato sack, madam Tiwa.

 2. Susan Peters

fash fail

Dear Susan, if this was supposed to be an angelic look, it’s a huge fail. it looks like she is carrying bags of cement under the lacey “wings?”. 

3. Eku ekwedor

fashion e

We love Eku but rather than love us back,  she loves the masquerade attire. 

4. Monalisa Chinda 

fashion fail 1

Actress Monalisa wore this for her bridal shower. Yes, it is a themed shower; but, no, to the jeggings, or leggings or skinny jeans or whatever it is she wore under her skirt.

5. Rita Dominic
fashion fail 3

After putting a lovely outfit together, Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic decided to reproduce the look of a wrapped sweet on her head. We are all for stepping out of your comfort zone and making bold fashion statements but this doesn’t seat well with us or her head for that matter. 

6. Angel Okorie
fashion fail 2
Nollywood actress, Angel Okorie wore this wanna-be Barbie look to her recently celebrated birthday bash. 

7. Dona the Diva

fashion fail

Upcoming musician, Dona the Diva decided to ‘show-off’ her fashion sense at the DKM concert. All hail the human walking tree. First of all, what is this style and don’t say creativity because last I checked, creativity inspires the human spirit. This says ‘look at me, I had fun planning an outfit of leaves because we should appreciate nature?’ MBOK! atleast if there is a project green Nigeria, we have just the brand ambassador to flag that message.

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