5 reasons to love "Lekki Wives" actress

Joselyn Dumas5 reasons to love "Lekki Wives" actress

Today, August 31, 2016 is Joselyn Dumas' birthday. Check out five reasons to love the talented actress.

Joselyn Dumas has starred in productions including "Adams Apple," "Silver Rain," "A Sting in a Tale," "Lekki Wives" among others.

Today, August 31, 2016, is the actress' birthday, and we have put together five reasons to love her.

1. She is beautiful and sexy

Dumas is one actress who 'slays' on the actress. She doesn't fail to grace events with outfits that flatter her curvy body.

2. She understands the meaning of 'private'

While she isn't hiding the fact that she has a beautiful daughter, she also isn't giving room for her to become a public topic of interest.

3. She gives major fitness goal

It took a lot of hard work, discipline and determination for Dumas to become the sexy, curvy woman fans have grown to admire.
Her before and after photo preaches 'you can achieve anything if only you set your mind to it.'

4. She has featured in commendable movies

From "Adams Apple" to "Shampaign," from "Love or Something Like That" to "Norther Affair," the Ghanaian star is yet to feature in a movie you can't recommend to friends.

5. She is talented

Sometimes, it is not just about featuring in hit or quality movies. Dumas is an actress who has not failed to bring a character to life. She contributes to the 'quality'  in a movie or show.



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